4 Ways to Improve Your New Year

I’m wondering how the New Year’s resolutions are going for those who made them. About the only changes a New Year brings are tax or insurance related and, of course, there’s the date thing that we all struggle with but, by and large, a New Year doesn’t usually bring any big changes. Sometimes, though, we do hope that by making a few resolutions that things will actually improve during the New Year. Maybe those things will work out but today we’re going to begin a series of messages dealing with matters that, if addressed biblically, could actually bring about real and substantial change in your life.

Week 4 - Fix your finances
01.26.2014, Dr. Jim Harding

1) 70% of all consumers live from paycheck to paycheck; 2) last year more people filed for bankruptcy than graduated from college; and 3) the conflict over money is still the leading cause of divorce.

So, don’t you think that fixing one’s finances could be an important element toward improving one’s New Year?  Today, we’re going to take a look at how that could actually be accomplished.  Our approach will be both biblical and practical.


Week 3 - Train Your Tongue
01.19.2014, Dr. Jim Harding

The tongue has the power to direct, to destroy, and to delight.  We must make a serious commitment to using what we say to both honor and please the Lord.

Week 2 - Get Past the Past
01.12.2014, Dr. Jim Harding

Some people never make strides in the new year, because they bring all the baggage from previous years along with them. 

Week 1 - Go With God
01.05.2014, Dr. Jim Harding

We are talking about the first step in improving our New Year: “Go with God.” Let's look at Abraham as our example of one who did.