"Ephesians: Paul's Counsel for the Contemporary Church (then and now)" is premised on the fact that this letter provides Christian advice and direction for the "Church" of all eras.  Paul's counsel was relevant to a first-century Ephesus--which by the way was caught up in a lot of the same kinds of things as our society is today--and is also applicable to our day as well.  The nine messages will focus on different elements of what Paul wants believers to know.

Week 1 - The Church: Christ's body, building, and bride
02.02.2014, Dr. Jim Harding

In his letter to the Ephesian believers Paul did an excellent job of explaining both the concept of as well as the intent for the church.  Today we’re going to examine this matter in hopes that we can enhance our understanding of what we as believers have by being a part of God’s Church.