Sermon On The Mount

In Matthew chapters 5-7 Jesus gives a sermon. He walks through many different topics that all pertain to what it means to be in the family of God and what the Kingdom of God is all about. Join us in this 20(ish) part series as we walk though this important section of Scripture.

Week 9 - Matthew 5:33-37
4.13.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

Be a mand/woman of your word.

Week 8 - Matthew 5:31-32
4.6.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

Marriage Matters.

Week 7 - Matthew 5:27-30
3.24.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

A lustful heart leads to broken hearts.

Week 6 - Matthew 5:21-26
3.17.13, Pastor Matt Holbrook

Jesus wants you to have the freedom of heart to not always be angry.

Week 5 - Matthew 5:17-20
3.10.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

Jesus raises the bar, then gives us a boost.

Week 4 - Matthew 5:13-16
3.3.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

Actions speak louder than words.

Week 3 - Matthew 5:10-12
2.24.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

True discipleship is risky, but the rewards are heavenly.

Week 2 - Matthew 5:6-9
2.17.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

When we are pursuing the characteristics of God, we are becoming true disciples.

Week 1 - Matthew 5:1-5
2.10.13, Pastor Matt Bagby

In God’s Kingdom, true disciples embrace humility not pious religiosity. - The Beatitudes part 1 of 3.